Produce teaching material that reflects your passion

Take the pain out of making asynchronous and remote content by streamlining your workflow. Take back pride in your teaching with professional production value.

Create quality

Unburden yourself from the restraint of technology

It's more difficult to express your passion when not in the classroom - the technology restricts the way we convey emotion. Get rid of blah blah blah...

At last... HD
Replace your old webcam and make your asynchronous content, online lectures and remote meetings more pleasant for others by 'un-pixelating' your face with crispy video.
Sound Professional
Get your point across clearly with a studio-level microphone. Audio can be the difference between good content and a great learning experience.
Editing - the boring part
Editing. The unispired part of the process. A neccessary evil. A well-edited video cuts the 'ummm's and 'ahhh's leaving just the gold. Ease the pain with shortcuts and a simple to use software.
A hassle-less process
Get your desired workstation retrofitted according to your schedule - no matter whether it's your home or work office.
With the ever increasing quantity of engaging, high-quality, free content floating around the internet, unversities no longer have a monopoly on knowledge. Something abut how unis need to catch up or take a new stance on content creation ...

It's simple

Identify your goal. Then do it.

What is your desired outcome?
Do you want to make your video content as engaging as possible? Maybe you feel the need to present online lectures as clearly as possible. Do you prefer computers or IPads? Perhaps maybe you're even a pen and paper type of guy.
Find the most suitable workspace
Your specific end-goal will determine which workspace will function best for you. There may be some overlaps, so choose one which you believe will get the job done.
Send us an email
The exact equipment you require will depend on many things - your computer, the size of your office and the shape of your desk, etc. Send us an email giving us as much detail about your current situation as possible (pictures are always handy) and we'll get back to you with a quote.
Getting fitted
Schedule a date and time, and we'll come and fit your office with shiny new toys. No fuss.
Do what you do best
It's use your brand spanking new stuff to improve the productivity of both you and your students. If you ever get stuck, just refer to one of our guides.

Need some help? Email us...